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This is a picture of Justin Levenson.


Through my own battle with brain cancer, I learned how to tap into an inner source of strength that I never knew I had. Now, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others discover their own source of hope, so they can start living the life they’ve always dreamed of.

My Book

In December of 2021 I published my first book, You Are Stronger Than You Think: How to Awaken the Superhero Within. Writing this book was a labor of love from my heart to yours, and my hope is that it serves as an instrument of hope to help improve your life today, while sparking lasting change in your mind, body and spirit. Think it, see it, feel it, live it!

This is a picture of Justin Levenson
This is a picture of Justin Levenson


Whether you need a speaker for a group of 10 or 10,000, connecting with your group is something that I am passionate about and am looking forward to. From cancer patients to drug manufacturers, and business leaders to yoga retreats, my goal is to leave your group inspired, motivated and ready to take action on their own personal development journey. 

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