Did someone say endless possibilities?  That’s right…you read it correctly…today’s post is about one of my favorite topics…our brains!


Our minds are very powerful!  Yes, we know that our mind keeps our heart beating, lungs breathing and all of our systems working but did you know that our minds are also working to manifest the lives that it believes we are supposed to live?


Our minds make these decisions based on the messages we send it with things like our thoughts, words, beliefs, fears, and actions.


And, did you know that our minds have two very different and distinct sections? 


These two sections are often referred to as our Conscious and Subconscious Minds! 


Our conscious minds are always working to keep us safe and make daily decisions.  Decisions like what to eat, when to cross the street, what we want to spend our time doing and many more daily, critical thinking tasks.  Our conscious mind is the decision maker which is why, it is important to keep this focused on creating healthy, peaceful and productive habits.


Our subconscious minds are always working too, and it is this silent, powerful, behind the scenes work that supports the realization of our dreams - the manifestation of what our conscious minds views as our truth. 


So, are you ready to tap into endless possibilities for your life?  Here’s a great place to start!


Spend some time thinking about your goals and how you think and speak about these goals in your daily life.


Do you want financial freedom and consistently tell yourself that you will always be broke? Do you want healthy relationships but believe that you are not worthy of them?  How about that dream job that you don’t believe you will ever be qualified for? 


As you become more aware of your goals, and the way you think and speak about them, you become empowered to make any changes that feel right to you.  Be kind to yourself during this process. Every time you become aware of thoughts and words that are not in alignment with your goals, honor that awareness and then focus on a positive statement (positive affirmation) about you reaching or exceeding your goals.

Positive Affirmations are one way to use our powerful minds to create more peace, health, joy, and abundance in our lives by being purposeful with the messages we send to our super computer, subconscious minds


It all starts with one goal, one decision and a lot of self-love. 


I am grateful for the time you spent reading this and wish you all peace and love on your journey as you reach and exceed every goal you set for your life.