If you are anything like me, you experience life from a full range of emotional and physical states.

What sets apart some of us that seem to be able to ride the ways with balanced bliss and the others, like me in all my imperfect self who do a pretty good job some of the time and a pretty lousy job the others….

For many one of the answers has to do with the Law of Attraction! This Law basically states that the experiences in our life are a direct result of our thoughts.

For a more thurough definition Wikipedia says it well

Throughout history, there are stories and writings about this subject and one line that is both in the bible and a pioneering work in the realm of self help is “ As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

This internal power is harnessed when we first become aware of our thoughts, observing the positive or negative nature of them and then refocus our minds on a positive version of those negative, fearful thoughts.

This refocusing is important, and also to approach this with gratitude, because hey...let’s be thankful we were aware of the counter-productive thoughts so that we can shift things. Trust the process!

Engaging our creative imagination to paint realistic pictures of our dreams and feeling the emotions of living that life right now is where we take this new awareness into a course towards our own transformation…we are unleashing the full power of The Law of Attraction to create the experiences of our dreams…

As we become more aware of our thoughts and how they relate to our daily experiences, we can then become a more active participant in our lives…on the path to our best selves…one moment at a time!